When Bjork released Vulnicura, she gave in to her heartbreak. Utopia followed, and it promised the renewal of life after the fall.

So when Losss came on, it was an assassination in paradise.

It took me by surprise, and easily became my favourite track. Pendulous, orbital rhythm hovering above the plaintive lyrics. I couldn’t make sense of how it made me felt.

Today while riding the bus home, the song came on shuffle play. And in that flash, it all made sense, and I bowed to it.


Thunder brought the lightning
fact before the warning
clarity and crack.
The music-box ballerina could be both
ever-watchful guardian, or ever-searching lover
hands arced
A horse
His mane a tsunami wave
ruby shards rolling upon each other
a million unborn songs
amounting, amounting
The gold dust has left your lips
now frozen rust
soundless hooves
endless passage
the only ear to hear the rumble
a heart


I particularly enjoyed this piece by Dazed Digital, from where I also obtained the featured image.

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