Singapore-based content writer with a focus on lifestyle beats. Especial talent in travel,  film and holistic topics. Distinctive voice in experiential and review pieces. Also performs well with interviews, personality pieces, commentaries and social media.

Has a condensed 7 years of writing experience. Suffers from the occasional poetic bouts and alliteration attacks. Uses the word interesting a lot in person, but not in his writing. Often seen talking to himself while working, but really praying to Nidaba, Sumerian Goddess of Writing.

Into trains, treks, teas and bicycles. Now comes with watercolour.

Clients include: Canon, Uniqlo, Expedia, Qantas, SPH Digital Women’s Network, Mediacorp Brand Studio, Epoch Times.

Countries visited: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, United States, Greece, England, Scotland, France, Iceland, Amsterdam, India, and Iran.

Upcoming: Irkutsk, Olkhon Island

Welcome collaborations and freelance inquiries at: morgan.awyong@gmail.com

Featured photo: Sammy Yeo