You wouldn’t guess but behind one of Yazd’s old city mud walls is a very modern Jungle Hotel. I’m not sure what the owner was thinking of when naming the place, but when it came to the set-up, he’s got it down pat.


A relatively new option, Mr Ghiyamat has fitted Jungle’s rooms with modern amenities including a western toilet. This en-suite arrangement is inventive, housing the bathroom with a metallic partition blocking off a corner. It sounds dodgy, but it works! It’s very clean and the shower doesn’t hang over the toilet, which is always nice.

The room is really spacious – the largest I had so far, and comes with a large clean bed and even a lazy chair to the side.

At the other end of the room is a window with the radiator below, and tucked away in the corner is a not-so-small bar fridge. A curtain hides the window that looks out to the small space at the back, and mine was next to the stairs that led up to the roof so I kept it drawn most of the time.


At US$30, I welcomed the upgrade in space and did some light laundry here with the given extras.

My room was at the first level, just across the reception, but I heard some of the top level rooms included a skylight that allows you to see the night sky.

But if you’re pining for some rooftop views, don’t worry – there’s always the breakfast area.


You’ll have to make your way up a steep and wobbly spiral staircase but you’ll be rewarded by a great lookout point while enjoying your Iranian breakfast of bread, fruit and jams.

You’ll be looked after by not only the grandfatherly Mr Ghiyamat himself, who previously worked for a hotel nearby, but also the resident cats who bound over the rooftops when he whistles for them!


Jungle is about 5 minutes away from a small square with Alexander’s Prison and Yazd Art House, and about 10 minutes away from the grand Jame Mosque of Yazd.

I was lucky to meet a security guy who walked me through the alleys but if you can’t your own local guide, it’s left from the carpark entrance for about 3 minutes and when you see a sign for the hotel, it’s a small right and left again to the door. I initially thought the first sign was the entrance but turned out it was Mr Ghiyamat’s actual home instead. Oops.


The staff is well-trained if a little reserved, but ask them anything and they’ll always attend to you. In fact, my travel mate who stayed at nearby Friendly Hotel needed some help because the hotel didn’t live up to their name, and Jungle happily obliged him with bus bookings even though he wasn’t their guest.

There’s no trees to be found but you’ll find great rooms, a super view, ready service and a job well done here at Jungle Hotel.

Jungle Hotel
Yazd, Emam Ave
Front of Coin Museum
Email: info@junglehotel.ir
Whatsapp, Telegram: +989131521785

Bonus video:

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