Twitching her way into the finals with her spooky illusion acts, The Sacred Riana (aka Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani), has won Asia’s Got Talent Season 2 on AXN.

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With over 70 millions views on Facebook and YouTube, it may not have come as a surprise to some, but it was still a nail-biting results show when she was pitched against another hot favourite, DMX Comvalenos.


While DMX gyrated their way into the hearts of fans, The Sacred Riana creeped her way in with her supernatural premise, giving magic acts a darker and disturbing edge.

Never breaking character, even with her win, Riana’s win received some polarizing comments. Some felt her magic was not polished enough, and that her talent was more entertainment than an actual skill. After the announcement, Riana stood reaction-less on the stage as the other contestants surrounded her, but not hugging her due to mock fear. And while this was happening, a few in the crowd chanted DMX’s name.

Witnessing the scenes outside the MBS Mastercard Theatres after the public has dispersed, I can feel the disappointment coming from some supporters, including a lady who was close to tears as she sat by a cocktail table, while a member from Urban Crew patted her and tried to comfort her.


But if any acts symbolized a good “loser”, DMX Comvalenos nailed it with their signature sass and humour.

Commenting on how it was customary for Filipinos to buy gifts back during their travels for loved ones back home, they joked that they would be heading to Bugis Street to get their souvenirs, rather than at Marina Bay Sands itself because they didn’t win.


But all said and done, Riana did offer an extra dimension (some say literally) during this season’s competition. Even backstage, she continues her trance as she connects with her doll friend, and during the press interview, we had to go through her manager and a translator to get our answers.

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When asked what was her first plan after the win, it was to “play with Riani”. When a particularly insistent reporter pressed her for an answer on what she is like when she is not The Sacred Riana, it was only met with nervous twitches.

Riana’s talent may be questionable to some, but her dedication to her performances is obviously crown-worthy.


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