The sanctions may have been lifted, but businesses in Iran still struggle when trying to establish themselves online. Unlike the rest of the world, credit card reservations don’t apply in Iran and transactions go old-school, made through emails and confirmed through trust.

You’ll quickly find that booking lodgings become a problem. Agoda and no longer hack it in the country, with little or no listings, and any other sites you come across seem dodgy.

I was fortunate enough to receive great personal recommendations and landed myself 3 choice stays in Iran. And because Singaporeans say “good things must share”, here are my (un-sponsored) reviews of them in the tourist-popular spots of Shiraz, Yazd, and Esfahan. I omitted Tehran because my choice of Persian Hostel failed to make the cut for their severe lack of staff, service and ethics.

As a gauge for readers, I consider myself a budget traveler with a preference for some privacy.

Actually, I just don’t want people to hear what I say when I sleep.


Taha House or Taha Traditional Hostel

With a century-old traditional Iranian structure yet modern hospitality services, this accommodation has it all. Great location, affordable rates with private and dorm options, and a staff that never fails to make you feel at home. Shiraz’s hidden gem.

Read the full review here.

Jungle Hotel

There’s no forest around but there is this – a modern-style hotel encased in one of Yazd’s mud structures. You’ll find ready assistance and a charismatic owner who oversees the operations and keeps this accommodation well-oiled and comfortable.

Read the full review here.

Howzak House

You’ll find a little world to call home, with owners that will show you an authentic and intimate side of Iran like no tours can. Their passion makes staying here a unique and immersive experience.

Read the full review here.


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