It’s the only way most will get to go “over seas” for now.

What worked for us is also working against us.

Singapore’s tiny land mass has allowed for one of the most remarkable COVID-19 recovery stories, but is also keenly felt by locals as they stay landlocked.

Minus the few business exceptions and job requirements, most Singaporeans have been only able to explore the small island for stimulation, even heading towards the even smaller southern island for the few hours of reprieve.

Other than staycations, another activity has seen a surge in popularity – cruises.

While the image of cruises got really hit hard with early COVID-19 cases, as well as a really rough time when they first started in Singapore with surprise cases mid-way through, itineraries from April onwards have been quickly filling up.

With the promise of using that passport and seeing an endless slice of blue and far from our concrete jungle, Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean are fast becoming the de facto travel plan as talk of travel bubbles continue.

See how Dream Cruises is successfully enticing Singaporeans in my article for TODAY or CNA.

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