SK-II thinks so, with the creation of SK-II STUDIO.

As a film student, I learnt to look past the entertainment facet of the medium, and into the art of its expression.

Hirokazu Koreeda became known to me through the film Shoplifters, and the watching left me haunted for days to come. His gift of translating the full spectrum of the human condition and deep examination of life philosophies makes me think of him a filmic Socrates of sorts.

In this piece for CNA Lifestyle, SK-II launched their first film The Center Lane featuring competitive swimmer Rikako Ikee, and Koreeda told her recovery story when she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2019.

It’s a testiment to Koreeda’s skill and Ikee’s open-hearted vulnerability that allows an initiative like this to really bloom. And the best part is that every view contributes US$1 to the SK-II #ChangeDestiny fund which gives to organisation partners in support of women trying to break through their limit.

Read more about SK-II STUDIO here or watch The Center Lane now.

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