It’s not everyday I spend SGD$400 on a night’s stay at a hotel. But I did from 26- 28 March 2019. Hear me out.

I’m not someone who necessarily is in that income bracket to easily drop that kind of money, but remember what they said about experiences? My first encounter with Andre Fu‘s work was at Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore. I found the luxurious space to be decadent, but quietly so – with a certain nuance that I couldn’t quite grasp.

Next came Andaz. A friend was seeking out Fu’s perfume and after finally walking in, I felt a familiar sense of calm and comfort. But it was the media tour at Waldorf Astoria Bangkok that got me signing up for two nights. Hearing his company AFSO and his name yet again, it suddenly clicked for me that this designer’s trademark influence on my mood appeared in two forms before this.

Like taking apart a clock, I was curious to find out what made me feel such exceptional peace in his designs. And so, I paid up for the full Waldorf Astoria experience to dig deep into Fu’s luxury language and emotional hold.

Read the details about my stay and the many experiences at this Hilton brand hotel on Expedia Singapore. But suffice to say, it was absolutely worth it.

First published: Expedia Singapore

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