If there was ever a film company that displayed a cutting acumen for successful films, A24 would be a shoo-in contender.

Founded only in 2012, the company has curated an archive of films known for their commercial and critical success. It’s indie done right – by capturing the flavourful powers of personal expression, along with compelling stories that draw even the average movie-goer.

One of this must be attributed to their direction into the macabre or whimsical, letting the audience escape into another world as they face super-normative plots. And some of their best success comes form their (some would say supernatural) talent in sussing out new film prodigies.

Especially in the horror department, Ari Aster and Robert Eggers have catapulted the company to incredible desirability, with their collection of new horror. Artistic or period efforts have never been so terrifyingly good.

To celebrate their lineage of films, I wrote a piece for Catchplay on some of their best efforts. Have a look here.

First published: Catchplay

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