The message came in during a media movie preview session.

After seeing the notification when I was exiting the cinema, I was confused. Why was this Indonesian guy on Instagram telling me that I won a Uniqlo contest?

So I went over to the Uniqlo Wherever contest site and turns out, I won!


My hand was trembling as I checked my DM for any official messages but it would be later that afternoon that I heard from Uniqlo Singapore and confirmed this.

I did put a lot of effort into my posts, but little did I know that I could emerge the winner!

My first piece from Uniqlo was during my Shanghai trip in 2008. It was a thick jacket to shield me from the sudden snow that came. It’s still with me as one of my trusted piece.

Little did I know this relationship with the brand will last till today, especially when I discovered Airism. That line has now become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe even when I don’t travel.

This fanboy is elated to extend this experience with this win. For those interested, these were my 4 submissions:


Congratulations to the winners from the other countries!

@silvanohajid, Indonesia
@xmunirahxx, Malaysia
@gabmejia, Philippines
@lek_sunthari, Thailand

Again, thank you Uniqlo! <3!

Here’s a clip from the first season of this campaign:

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