Acquisition or Retention: Chicken vs Egg

When will we stop looking at numbers that don’t matter?

So you, the proud business owner, have everything in place – a shop, a system, and more than enough spirit. You give out flyers, go social on Facebook and Instagram, offer promotions and even had a little dalliance with Groupon (shhh, we won’t tell). But try as you might, sustaining results is proving to be a full-time job. And we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

 So let’s try some serious marketing!

So in a bid to elevate your marketing, out comes the books by Barnum or Beckwith, with an inspiring article here and there featuring giants like Starbucks. But the figures keep coming, and we are neither Starbucks nor Walmart. So where does the Singaporean small business fit in? And most importantly:

When will we stop looking at numbers that don’t matter?

We hate being bombarded by figures and stats. But we did all the hard work so you don’t have to (you’re welcome). So let’s just go from left brain to right brain for a moment and focus on the path of a successful product to see if we can learn from it. Enter the Music Artiste.

You’re an independent artist who has done your rounds. You’re pub-honed, performance-savvy and musically-remarkable. With a bit of luck, you manage to be featured on Spotify or Apple Music. Woohoo, Mission Acquisition ready to roll! At this point, with that massive exposure, we’re set and just wait for the royalties to come in right?


As with photography, it’s not just the exposure that matters.

As amazing as you are, no matter how high a pitch you can throw or soulful a lyric you write, your new fan is going to discover someone else in the mass sea of offerings.  A successful business-minded artiste will now have to sustain the valuable attention presented to them and nurture it. Hello Retention!

Here is when engagement and loyalty plays a big part in your new career. Churn out the upcoming gigs, engage intimately during meet-ups and reward your audience with exclusive and/or discounted merchandise. Now thatis something Spotify or Apple cannot take away from you. Loyalty is bred through nurturing, with constant engagement and acknowledgment for devotion.

So back to you, here’s a recap of the basic goals:

  • Get your brand out on a promotional tech platform with potential reach – Promote
  • Funnel acquired audience to an actual interaction, event or sale – Acquire & Engage
  • Get creative and reward them – Reward
  • Convert your leads to loyal fans – Convert

Now – back to business.

 KickBack understands the above and is pitched to be your cornerstone in both Acquisition and Retention efforts. With the technology available to us, KickBack is designed to level the playing field and be a simple way for your small business to build and nurture your brand.

No unnecessary numbers we hope?

KickBack fronts the loyalty program with the most effective reward of them all – cashback. No calculation, no fuss – getting cashback is the most tangible reward experience for any customer. It’s a 1:1 value so customers know that their reward stays the same with no goal-changing point schemes. Don’t you hate finding out that the 3,000 pts you have saved now only qualifies you for a scoop of ice-cream instead of a full meal? We hear you – or in this case – the consumers.

On top of this function, our unique application is also supplying a customised reward perk mechanic, localised to your business, giving you the opportunity to offer your unique experience to bring your hard-won customer back to your shops. It’s hands-off for us on this one, as you get creative to make yourself stand out and maximise brand cohesion and effectiveness.

Beyond the formula

Past these facts and figures, we believe in just one thing – KickBack works by raising the disadvantaged platform small businesses start from, and introduces effective age-old marketing processes that is neither complicated or expensive. No budget? No problem. For those who have already found these theories sound and working (yay!), you are welcome to tweak and work more closely with us to upgrade your successful marketing modules.

So really, what’s holding you back? 😉

Interested to find out more ? Ask for your free demo or register for our upcoming free workshop simply by contacting us at

First published: Kickback’s blog (Feb 2016)

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