The second-largest city in Ireland has plenty to offer to warrant inclusion in your itinerary.

Think of Dublin and you think of grand Irish cheer and charm. Think of Belfast and you think of nothing but conflict. But is it warranted?

CC by 2.0 / Nico Kaiser

In this piece for Expedia, I check in and find plenty to discover in the city. Game of Thrones certainly helped, but Belfast also offers a mad range of attractions, from a striking museum in honor of the Titanic to pastoral hikes across iconic natural features.

Belfast’s gritty history also means one-of-a-kind experiences, and the visitor can visit anything from the remnants of a dividing wall, a gorgeous Renaissance castle to an epic jailhouse.

The joy of travel comes a lot from seeing things for the first time, and Belfast is one city that will add to your impression of Ireland.

First published: Expedia, Malaysia

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  1. I was in Belfast for five days in October and absolutely loved the city!


    1. morgaga says:

      Lucky you! I would love to explore the city when I visit Ireland. What did you enjoy the most there?

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      1. I enjoyed everything. Wandering around the Queens University was particularly beautiful. Thanks for commenting.


      2. morgaga says:

        I see. I’ll take note. It’s good to hear from people who’ve been there and can share. Thanks too!

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