The thing about superhero blockbuster (as much as I enjoy them) is that sometimes the audience doesn’t worry about our leads. We know they will come out unscathed. And when the hero looks like Jason Momoa – in a forest of trees, this man is a sequoia – it’s even easier to believe that they will weather anything that comes their way.

Not with Braven.

Not only does Aquaman come across very much human (even if he does throw a mean axe), his whole family works together to outwit a group of drugsters trying to reclaim their loot at their family cabin. This includes his elderly dad who had a recent head trauma injury, his wife and even young daughter, so no male saviors and damsels in distress here – how very 2020!

To see why this thriller offers up refreshing gritty realism, head over to Catchplay for my full review.

First published: Catchplay

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