There’s nothing quite like Greece of course. In fact, there’s never any real replacement for one particular country when you get down to the details. That said – if one is asking for a little twist from the (currently) Instagram hotspot, without loosing that formula or sun, sand, sea and stunning history, then Cyprus is a real contender.

This less-mentioned island country is a middling state, sandwiched between Greece and Turkey. While that has led some to believe Cyprus to be a risky destination to visit, decades have gone by with no sign of tension. With some truly stunning beaches and ancient cultural sites, the traveller looking to be surprised by visual discoveries not posted to death – we’re looking at you, rooftops of Santorini – can find that same mix of leisure and heritage in Cyprus.

To read more about the many reasons why Cyprus is a great alternative to Greece, head over to Expedia and read my article here.

First published: Expedia, Malaysia

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