Every competition and race comes with a clash. Thankfully, it’s more of energy and excitement than anything negative. From World Cups to the Olympics, sports have pulled fans to events across the world and will continue to do so.

While big brands such as the above, along with others like Formula One and Wimbledon, continue to pull the crowds, there are many other tournaments that happen that are equally exciting – and sometimes culturally unique.

Attending some of these events is not just about the sport itself, but it’s a chance to see the country through a new lens, and often with like-minded people that share your same enthusiasm, letting you make fast friends easily.

As the year closes, look at the list of distinctive sporting events I picked out for the second half of 2019, and see if you might be inspired to look for those coming in 2020.

Read about them here.

First published: Ready To Travel

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