The Himachal Pradesh region is often chosen for its adventure – both into the natural and spiritual realms, and the mountainous area with its otherworldly beauty, is believably straddling between the realms.

Dharamshala is best known to be the location where the Dalai Lama has chosen for his official residence, and unsurprisingly, has made the destination attractive to followers of the Tibetan Buddhist path. But don’t expect a tranquil mood to permeate the streets. Small lanes and heavy traffic makes car horns a blaring permanent aural feature during the day, although thankfully there are many pockets of respite within the nook and crannies of the town.

One such example is Camp Lungta – a comfortable glamping destination right beneath the Dhauladhars, and my chosen accommodation experience for two nights when I was there.

Even if the price was at a relative premium, I got to enjoy a side to Dharamshala that was truly unique – guided through private trekking paths in the slate valleys and seeing incredibly authentic lifestyles of shepherds and miners.

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First published: Expedia Singapore

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