It’s no exaggeration to say that Disney‘s allure is a multi-generational affair. From 26 October 2019 till 29 March 2020, visitors to the ArtScience Museum can revisit close to a century’s worth of animation styles and legacy in the brand new exhibition Disney: Magic of Animation.

Replica of Disney’s animator’s desk at the entrance of Disney Magic of Animation (Credit to Marina Bay Sands and Disney)

The event draws upon the archives of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library to present stunning original artworks from Steamboat Willy all the way to Frozen 2. Yes, you read it right – images (and possibly a forested zone) from the yet-unreleased sequel is already made available for public viewing – a rare opportunity from the House of Mouse.

Sleeping Beauty, 1959, Concept art, Disney Studio Artist © Disney

There are five segments, each presenting a thematic process, as it charts the journey from pencil and paper to the digital techniques that has been woven into Disney’s storytelling over the years.

Gallery 4_Towards New Dimensions Digital Advances, Musical Seas (Credit to Marina Bay Sands and Disney)

But even past the themes, every visitor will surely find their own favourites in the form of individual galleries for each title. This trip down memory lane will surely ignite numerous nostalgic moments, as you wander through the path and take in all of the works.

Frozen 2, 2019, Concept art, Lisa Keene © Disney

As you put classics like Bambi, Dumbo and Sleeping Beauty, next to Big Hero 6, Wreck-it Ralph and Zootopia, you not only encounter a brilliant juxtaposition of styles, but you also easily see how Walt Disney has mastered the art of animation – through unceasing innovation in techniques, and an acumen to tell timeless stories.

Tickets are available for purchase from 1 October 2019 at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website. Terms and Conditions apply.

For more information, please visit https://www.marinabaysands.com/museum/disney-magicof-animation.html

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