It’s true that Fiji isn’t the most accessible place, even if you live in the nearest countries of Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea. But isn’t that the case for anywhere that’s really out of this world?

Fiji may be most widely known for that bottled water, but ditch that plastic and go to the source, and you’ll better understand why ‘pristine’ is a way of life here.

Removed from heavy traffic, this country enjoys some of the most authentic culture to date, and with so much attention given to the tourist, you’ll feel that the entire visit is one accorded to VIPs.

If you’ve been planning to go there, or are curious as to how a trip might end up, read more about it in my listicle here.

First published: ChannelNewsAsia

Featured image: CC by-sa 2.0 | Romain Pontida

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