Friends know I love the cold. My ideal climate range is 0-20 degrees celsius, where I could sit out and be forced to down a cup of hot beverage quickly before it turns cold, and then hop around with a scalded tongue.

Yeah I’m weird that way.

But weird goes easier when you’re rewarded by confectionery churches and lacy frozen lakes. And that, together with some of the most interesting locals, make for a splendid trip this February.

Parts of the trip can’t be considered accessible, and my head bumped against the roof and sides of vans many times, with my groans muffled into the luggage on my lap. I even had frost bite in my little finger, one that wouldn’t fully heal until a month plus after my trip. But would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

Read about my trip to Irkutsk, Olkhon Island, Listvyanka, and of course, Lake Baikal in this piece with Expedia.

Photo: Go To Siberia

If you would like to try visiting this region but need some help, the operators at Go To Siberia can help. They’ve got extensive experience in this region and here’s an example of one for Lake Baikal. Even if you’re looking for something similar to mine, these folks can introduce some of their shorter packages to you.

First published: Expedia

Featured picture: @robintien723

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