Staycations aren’t something I do very often given that a trip is so much more worth the moolah. But when YotelAir opened up a micro-hotel in the new Jewel Changi, that caught my attention.

I figured this was more than just a staycation, but also an overnight experience at our latest mall-park hybrid destination that is housed in one of Singapore’s pride and joy – the Changi Airport.

The experience proved to be close to my expectations but two of the greatest benefit of staying here, was not having to worry about leaving by a certain hour and to have the HSBC Rain Vortex greet you in the morning whenever you stepped out to the lounge.

While I wouldn’t advice including the breakfast in your booking, the promotional rate going right now at $140 for the first night and $80 every subsequent night is worth looking into for those wanting to experience the Jewel more closely.

Other folks that might enjoy making a reservation, would be insomniacs who can benefit from the comfy bed and windowless blackout environment, and digital nomads who want a refreshing change of environment.

To read about my full experience, follow this link to my article on Expedia.

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