If today’s excessive politically-correct climate has got you bothered, then SORRY TO BOTHER YOU is a perfect balm for the weary soul.

Riveting performances by LeKeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson pushes this dark comedy into places it should go – a dry, hard-hitting piece on white privilege amongst many other things. It is so self-aware that none of the unabashed references it makes can come across offensive, and audiences will gleefully laugh in this safe space of a film.

Cassius Green is a black man desperate to earn his wages. Looking to up his telemarketing sales, he adopts a “white voice” and is catapulted to a rare breed of elite Power Callers.

But this inevitably challenges his boundaries, including those with his activist and performing artist girlfriend Detroit.

Here’s an interview video with the “white voices” behind the characters.

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU rakes up the laugh but deftly plants a social message of a bomb in its story. Great stuff from director Boots Riley.

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First published: Catchplay

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