Talent platforms make for huge entertainment, and Asia’s Got Talent seems to have struck gold with the region.

AXN’s programme hits its stride with their third season of Asia’s Got Talent, with returning judges David Foster, Anggun, and Jay Park. With the amount of entries signing up, it’s also clear that the impact of the show is changing lives.

Offering recaps to their official website, I take a look at the standouts of each episode.

Episode 1

The quirky dominates our first episode, with wacky performers introducing twists to their acts. Even the Golden Buzzer winner had a hidden talent that Jay could not help commenting on.

Read about it here.

Episode 2

Dancers dominated the stage this episode, and with good reason. Anggun gives one lucky troupe her Golden Buzzer, though a flute player, with his mind-bending twist, has mine.

Read about it here.

Episode 3

Gender wars? Hardly. Mixing it up really well, the lads bring grace into their performances while the ladies rev up their power with punchy delivery.

Read about it here.

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