A Deeper Shade Of Blue

Earth is also known as The Blue Planet. And for good reason. The skies and the seas are the canvas upon where we rest our lands, the perfect hue that tells a different story, when paired with a different shade. The colour is in abundance, but the tones are tricky to get right, as light alters the quality of this hue.

As above, so below. Blue is a mirrored experience in nature. Instagram handle: @marc.sg (#canonsg)

But if blue was an emotion, it usually reminds us of things not as pleasant. Monday Blues is a term oft-used these days by the suited and desk-bound, and the range of sorrow, loneliness and moodiness can be conveyed with this colour. When paired with neutrals, one can create a cold, evocative environment.

When toneddown and mixed with steely greys, the effect is a lonely kind of emptiness. Instagram handle: @iamhenzydavid (#canonsg)

Even as it represents solitude, blue is a colour that also communicates. The mysterious colour is full of magic, and can convey conversation, thoughts and expression. The hue can signify a meaningful exchange beyond boundaries, when brought into the composition between subjects. Use it to signify that bond and make your story flow.

Two characters speak to each other, through smoke and mirrors. Instagram handle: @jas_hyperfrontal (#canonsg)

Blue is an electric colour. It powers wonder and speed. It jumps and startles. With electric lights moving into the cooler shade, as LED lights become the norm, it’s a shade that illuminates as well. Light play is common for this shade as night comes on, fitting for the cooler environment.

Dancing lights give a vibrant, electric air. Instagram handle: @hariz_hussin (#canonsg)

Blue also clothes us – denim being one of the most popular textiles in the world. The familiar shade of blue is comforting, sturdy and reliable. No matter where you go, denim blue is recognised. It is a colour that speaks to the universal appeal in the fashion industry.

Denim is such a staple, the colour is almost synonymous with the name. Instagram handle: @jeraldkohef (#canonsg)

The colour continues through different cultures. It is one that is easily achieved through nature, and blue dyes have often been created and used for its beautiful properties. It can be regal or common, vibrant or peaceful. And definitely, timeless.

Many cultures have used the hue for various purposes in clothing and architecture. Instagram handle: @zackdeth (#canonsg)

One of today’s most common pairing in movies, blue and orange are complementary in the colour wheel. The conflicting hues present an oddly pleasing palette, that can work equally well even in still photography. It mimics the warm tones from the sun receding, as the cooler ones take over, bringing with it night and space.

The mixture of blues and oranges instantly tell a story. Instagram handle: @sannbaexx (#canonsg)

With all the glass and steel that we are using these days in architecture, blue has become dominant in cityscapes. Towering buildings reflect their environment, translating nature’s colour into a language of modernity and development.

The stark blues from the buildings make them both city trophies and jewels. Instagram handle: @sammmsation (#canonsg)

For instagram-worthy pictures, toning down the shade to a milky blue, and pairing them with cold greys or greenish browns, is a perfect palette formula to achieve hipster validation. The “Kinfolk” colours have been applied from interiors to landscapes to great appeal.

Tone down the saturation and you’re in instant hipster-land. Instagram handle: @jeraldsaw (#canonsg)

Blue is often said to be a safe colour. But when one explores the shade, the way it speaks can be altered to the circumstance, bringing about deeper meaning and nuanced result. Teal, turquoise, pastel or cobalt; blue remains an adaptable spokesperson in the spectrum.

First published: Canon EOS World

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