Perfecting Those Snaps On The Road

Travelling is awesome. It takes us away from our daily routine to explore the world we live in and gain new perspective. Taking photos during our travels have taken on in a big way with digital and advanced mobile technology, but with it comes the problem of over-taking. We’ve all suffered through your friend’s fifty shots of the Eiffel tower, right? So give others a break and think out your travel tale. The only question now is – what makes for a good holiday shot?


It’s all too easy to just hit the ground running, letting our eyes dictate what we take. The thing is, great travel pictures should present identifiers of that country or region. An avid traveller to over 30 countries, Anders Lee believes that reading up on the destination gives you valuable insight on what to look out for and capture to make for a more compelling showcase.

A shopkeeper in Morocco teaches us all a perfect window display with uniquely-designed crockery. Photo by @anderoid


For travel photography, monuments and scenic shots make up the bulk of the compilation. To make the shot your own, think about the emotion you wish to convey when at the site. It adds another dimension to the picture and won’t be just another repeated shot. Do also rethink your angles and take your time to walk around the site for your special moment. Remember to bring along some nice wide-angle lens to capture expansive scenes, especially in natural settings.

This pagoda in Myanmar is given proper tribute as a holy site when taken against a mint sky and pink devotees. Photo by @zinwinmaung (#canonsg)


Tourist sights may stay the same, but you can never run out of interesting people to capture! Some of the most interesting vacation photos are comprised of locals and their everyday life, engaged in customs, routines or behaviours that are fascinating. Engage with them and you just might be invited to partake in some of their customs, giving you priceless memories to capture. Or just observe public spaces and be rewarded by the colourful expressions of daily shenanigans. Just stay respectful!

The expression is priceless, and perfectly framed in one of Hong Kong’s unique transportation. PHoto by @killerfvith (#canonsg)


Nothing binds the world together more than delicious food, and showcasing the local delicacies will give your travel photos another sensory experience when browsing. Flat lays are super popular and can convey spreads in a visually enticing manner. It also gives some variety to your angles and makes for an interesting story as you go through the photos.

This breakfast spread in Turkey highlights the mediterranean diet that region is known for. Photo by @anderoid


Anders believes that you don’t always have to bend over backwards for that unique shot. Sometimes, all you need to do, is wait. Give the standard shots a different take, by observing what goes on in the environment. If there’s an event going on, even better still! Take a cue from the surroundings and capture something that totally encapsulates that unique moment for you.

The striking domes of mosques in Iran is given life by one of the many pigeons roosting at the rim. Photo by @anderoid

Go through the subjects listed above while alternating your perspective and cropping, and you’ll see a travel story developing that is engaging and colourful. You’ll find people totally drawn in and asking for more. Now that you’re ready, it’s time to book that ticket.

First published: Canon EOS World

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