7 Key Things to Remember For That Perfect Valentine’s Day Shot

Flowers wither. Chocolates get eaten. But memories stay forever. Yet capturing those Valentine’s Day moments is easily one of the most overlooked aspects for the day. With all the buzz around the activity and gifts, snapshots become an afterthought – a shame given the many iconic moments that can happen.

This Valentine’s, try moving photography up in your priorities. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, we’re here to help with some pointers.

Balance things out with a semi-automatic

Mobile photography is taking on in a big way, but when you want to level things up with a DSLR, it can become cumbersome. Wedding photojournalist Jeffery Koh recommends semi-automatic models (like the Canon G7X Mark II), which doesn’t sacrifice heft for features. This will make sure your day isn’t spent fiddling with too many settings.

Don’t get bogged down by heavy equipment and let your day go up in smoke. Instagram handle: @sam_cahill

Pick your theme or concept

When one puts thought into a picture, people notice. The easiest way to achieve this is through a theme or concept. Create nostalgia within an older neighbourhood and pair with timeline-appropriate dressing. Booked a great hotel for staycation? Dress up to theme and take shots in the vicinity to catalog your event. You’ll get eye-catching shots, as well as a great visual story.

Time to play! The playground setting is vibrant and naturally sets the mood, giving rise to interesting, natural poses. Instagram handle: @hayspixels

Go beyond those selfies

It’s easy to think that Valentine’s Day shots are all about couple selfies. We want to mix it up with some solo shots as well. Taking pictures of our significant other partaking in the day’s activities, creates a series of intimate shots. Take turns going behind the lens and know each other in a different light.

Sometimes, your partner has enough character to dominate the shot. Let her. Instagram handle: @brandxportraits

Prop things up

Distinguish your shots with props. This can be anything from rings, costumes, to cars. Both Star Wars fans? Bring toy lightsabers out and clash around Singapore! Are we avid foodies? A traditional tiffin carrier will work. These quirky accompaniments help to anchor each shot, give visual interest and insight into your personality.

This couple loves their vintage beetle and they added whimsy with some balloons. Credit: Wedding photography by Jeffery Koh

Acts of love

Bring out the message of love with your actions. Share a kiss against a dramatic backdrop, or maybe hook arms and act like kids. Get physical (keep it PG kids!) and it’ll show your special bond without saying a word.

A kiss is worth a thousand emoticons. Instagram handle: @sammmsation

Bokeh okay

It’s the effect in rage. With a wide aperture, you can keep your bokeh game strong. The effect is eye-catching and perfect for putting focus on your special someone. And don’t forget, It’s not all background bokeh!

A treetop walk gives plenty of opportunity to use the local foliage as bokeh framing. Instagram handle: @d.annyyy

Don’t get too stiff

Motion gives shots life. Get yours animated, with unconventional poses inspired by your theme or setting. Jump, tickle or just interact with each other. Jeffery recommends bringing a simple tripod along, then set it up running some multiple shots, get candid and pick the one you like best!

Mafia vibes are coming off this couple at Oxwell & Co. Credit: Wedding photograpahy by Jeffery Koh

With these guidelines, you can easily achieve shots that will look great on any social platform. Just don’t overshare as some people might get more than a little jealous. Have a great celebration!

First published: Canon EOS World

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