The 5 Phases For Complete Renewal

We try. There’s the little token plant at one corner of the table. Then there’s some holiday pictures pegged up in another. But ultimately, the desk and our work starts to wring out our enthusiasm for life; our pulse flickering like the fluorescents overhead.

In times like this, we know we need some help. We try out juices to detox; maybe a yoga class or two to get blood moving in those stiff muscles. The tech-savvy can even get some mindfulness from their apps.

But we know it’s temporary. To get yourself thoroughly rejuvenated, one needs to go through 5 phases of renewal – and we know one place that does it all.

Absolute Sanctuary is a premier wellness destination in Koh Samui – the island of healing – in Thailand. The Moroccan-inspired venue features extensive and full-board facilities and programs within its premises. This private haven is set in tranquil surroundings, and guarantees the optimal habitat for your journey.


It’s time to clean house -and by that, we mean getting rid of the accumulated “junk” in our bodies. Absolute provides 3 detox programs, focusing on internal cleansing rituals with specially prepared food and colon hydrotherapy. Each caters to the customer’s level, from beginners to experienced.


A person’s lymphatic system often gets overlooked, but the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Retreat at Absolute will take care of that. Your body’s waste fluids will be managed, to calibrate the entire system for a good flush.

For those coming with some anxiety and stress issues, Absolute’s Anti-stress and Burnout Retreat is a perfect way to start and tune yourself back, with regular wellness classes including emotional support therapy modules.


Weight equals to health, but many make the mistake of only challenging visible weight issues, like love handles and floppy arms. The truth is, your weight is only a symptom of what is happening within, and at Absolute, their Weight Management Retreat is a holistic program that will promise long-term results.

Focusing on methodology and behavioral changes, instead of fad diets, Absolute ensures a continued practice, featuring a unique Green Coffee Concentrate supplement as a boost. Sustained change comes as a take-home program to maintain your active acquired lifestyle.


Now that the physical aspects are taken care of, you are now primed for some strengthening. Teaching yourself an active lifestyle can be so much easier with the Be Fit program at Absolute. Choose from cardio, weight training, boot camp, yoga or even Muay Thai and the whole premise will support you, every heave and kick along the way.


For those focused on their yoga practice, the Yoga Holiday Program Retreat provides Hot, Flow, Pranayama & Meditation, Yin, Yin-Yang, Hatha, Pilates, Yoga Pilates and a special Introduction to yoga classes for pure beginners. You’ll be able to stay active and find your balance at the same time with this option.


After reaching an active lifestyle, and you’re now raring to go, Absolute Sanctuary is ready to push you to your optimal health.


Get long, lean and toned with their Pilates Reformer Bootcamp Retreat. You will get pulled into shape, with individual sessions with instructors, and postural analysis to attain that impeccable stature.

For those wanting a challenge, the Ultimate Fitness Retreat is a signature designer program that combines Yoga, Pilates Reformer and Core Suspend classes with customised fitness routines and meals for that all-rounded workout.


You’ll be glad to know, it’s not all purely your effort in the rejuvenation process. Perfecting your renewal process ends in the hands of a therapist – in this case, a masseur. We know you’re so ready. Although massage is often seen as a luxurious pampering, it serves to kickstart the healing process, easing your sore muscles and preparing them for their optimal recovery and strengthening. This is what Absolute’s Spa Holiday Retreat is all about.

Absolute Sanctuary strictly believes everyone’s wellness journey is their own, and structures every program with your status in mind. Whichever “P” you’re at,they will begin with in-depth consultation and analysis with Bio Impedance. Absolute truly understands the process to rejuvenation and will  make sure you complete this journey to your full potential.
First published: Om & Away

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