SO Sofitel Singapore (Event Space Review)

If the glitterati had a secret central playground, SO Sofitel Singapore would be it. Encased in a grey, gravelly building, the neo-classical elements of the former telecommunications office are not as apparent when one is walking hurriedly through the passages in the area. But look up from across the street and the quiet majesty of this heritage building, built in 1927 , hides a chic and opulent venue in the middle of the modern Central Business District.

Facade of SO Sofitel Singapore

Award-winning designer Isabelle Miaja has filled the lobby of SO Sofitel with gloss and light. The gleaming white foyer dances in the reflections of mirrors and sparkles, cosied up with vibrant plush fabric seats. This concept of an elegant visually-arresting space paired up with the personal intimacy of textural furniture is repeated throughout the boutique hotel. A hexagon motif is applied seamlessly itself from floor to wall, from marble-cut flooring to light installations.

Lobby Lounge

Indeed, this mix of contrast keeps visitors curious and bedazzled, and lends Sofitel a style of glamour that is in line with their SO spirit of energy and surprise as well. Creative use of the space, such as transforming the long passage at the lobby to a runway for pop-up events, has delighted not only guests but event organisers too from the welcomed exposure.

SO Sofitel is an experience apart from the rest, recognizable for its avant-garde design, state-of-the-art technology, surprising happenings and social experience.

The hotel’s signature restaurant Xperience is also on the first floor, welcoming guests to complete their luxury experience with some gastronomical creations from the team. The dynamic chef works at the open kitchen of this casual and chic restaurant, with a setting to match the vibrant cooking. The eclectic array of fabric furniture dots the restaurant audaciously in plum, lapis and ruby, while ceramic tiles and metallic tables complete the canvas for a contemporary flair.

Xperience Restaurant

The restaurant itself is in the heart of the ground floor and events can extend out to the Lobby Lounge or remain within Xperience. With a seating capacity of 60 and standing space of 100, dining or cocktail events can generate quite the buzz in this trendy joint. Another secret: a long table meeting or workshop can be held in the So Private Room, with a prime vantage of the kitchen.

So Private Room (within Xperience Restaurant)

If an even more intimate experience is needed, S0 Sofitel offers another alternative – their VIP Suite. The lavish suites feature eggshell and grey rooms with extensive wall moldings reminiscent of decadent Parisian living. Chevron-patterned parquet lends a warmth while a cupola-style lightbox feature overhead gives you the illusion of a palatial dome for your esteemed guests.

So VIP Suite

The room, though usually an actual guest room with bed and hotel amenities, can easily be reconfigured to a space for 35 persons for special celebration – think hen parties, birthday bashes or an intimate launch event. Small or mid-scale agencies will also find this venue perfect for that quirky business meeting or or a presentation spot that is bound to impress a potential client.

“We’ve seen and are catering to the demands for unique and unconventional event spaces with customisable food and beverage packages.”

Piotr Kupiec, General Manager

No crown is without her jewel and HI-SO is that shining gem on the rooftop. The infinity pool glitters against the CBD skyline, surrounded by a unique panorama of the central business district. A full bar sits at the side accompanied by amenities like barbecue pits, TVs and a large projector screen. When night falls, the multi-hue lights come on to give this nocturnal joint colourful facets and life. Larger events of up to 150 persons can easily be held here and the space can transform to themes like Tropicana Surf to Glam Bling. Clink your glasses under the stars and be pampered by the hotel ambassadors’ cousu-main service.

HI-SO Rooftop Bar

SO is known for being fashionable, avant-garde and playful. For those still a little unconvinced, two words – Karl Lagerfeld – should be enough to persuade. The legendary designer has given his stamp of approval in the form of a literal “Lion’s Seal” emblem, which can be spotted across a range of exclusive objects. Spot his touches in the curated book selection at the La Bibliotek, the lobby reading hideaway, or by the elegant and chic uniforms of the ambassadors. When the icon lends his curation to a project, you can be sure a hedonistic yet classy tone will come through in all events held at SO Sofitel.

First published: We Are Spaces

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