Of filters, walks and song

A natural filter comes over us, and disregarding the smell, it brings a surreal quality to the quieter parts of Singapore. Hello Indonesian haze.

In between two appointments, I took a 30-minute walk between City Square mall and Shaw Towers, and came across a nice stretch of boardwalk just behind Victoria Street.

Extended decks and the odd resident transforms this length into an unexpectedly great breezy walk by a canal. A Malay uncle in white robes cycle by. A kid rounds the corner running home from school. Tall orange flowers sway and shelter a pair trading stories, the older teller gesturing artfully with his expressive hands. And right at the end, the soon-to-be demolished colourful icons stand, reminding me that I’d better hurry before they are really gone.

As the soothing prayers from nearby Malabar Masjid floats over the trees, I smiled at the small luxuries I’ve been granted between hectic schedule.

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